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Automate your ​SMB financial ​management ​with one TAP.

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Jamie Leigh

Entrepreneur | Coach

Redesigning financial ​management.

So you can stop stressing the numbers and ​get back to doing what you love.

Ever wonder how the top 1% do it all? They stick to ​what they're great at and outsource the rest. And ​now, you can too. You can have your *smart financial ​team in your pocket for less than $60/month, ​automating your accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes ​in real time, giving you back your time and saving ​you money.

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Don’t let the ​fear of financial ​management ​hold you back ​from doing ​what you LOVE.

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Peace of mind.

Your trusted Smart Assistant working for you 24/7.

Never miss a bill, make confident money decisions, and set ​your customized budget and goals with recommendations ​from your smart assistant. Stay on top of your finances and ​always know your numbers in real time. No more stressing ​before tax season searching through your bank statements. ​Your personal smart assistant alerts you in realtime when ​something is out of line so at the end of the year it’s as easy ​as downloading a report.

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Meet Tap This, your new all-in-​one, do it for you financial ​manager.

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24/7 Smart ​Assistant

Smart ​Banking

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Personal ​Suggestions

Automated ​Expense ​Tracking

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Tax ​Reporting

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